Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Keeping tabs on aging celebs

I found a link to the aptly-named http://www.whosaliveandwhosdead.com/ on the brilliant Phil Bradley's blog.

This site answers those questions we all have about famous folk who are, let's face it, getting on a bit. People's birth (and death, where appropriate) dates are listed in helpful categories. I looked up Creedence Clearwater Revival under the Musical Performers category and, whaddayaknow, bassist/drummer Stu Cook is 61 today. Happy birthday Stu!

Who's alive and who's dead is far less morbid than you might expect. Remember to look for it on Signpost's Useful sites list next time you're having one of those "but I thought s/he was dead..." arguments. Or is it just me?

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