Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bolton graphic novel reading circle

The meeting on Saturday was a resounding success. From the list of books that were discussed (via Signpost), it seems like it was quite busy.

The next meeting (June 17th? I could be wrong - I'll check and update that later) will have a bit of a theme. Everybody's going to read a couple of Neil Gaiman's Sandman books, as well as a Buffy or Angel spin-off. I've put a reservation on the library's copy of Fray, a book about a future Vampire Slayer. Does that count?

We're going to be experimenting with using the blog and Signpost as online support for the group. There are a couple of people who can't make the Saturday meetings because of other commitments, so it would be nice to be able to incorporate what they have to say as well. I'm really impressed by the breadth of knowledge that members of the group have on the subject of graphic novels (I'm struggling to keep up), and I think it would be great to have even more opinions flying around.

Incidentally, you can keep up with what I've been reading here. Not that I'm narcissistic enough to think you're all going to copy me, it's more a demonstration of what I hope to achieve with online support for the group.


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