Monday, May 08, 2006

More Batman than Beano

Believe it or not, one of the best reads in my RSS aggregator every morning is a blog for hardcore library geeks (, devoted to the finer points of classification (those numbers on your non-fiction books). As well as providing genuinely stimulating pointers on where we should put those extra-tricky subjects, they suggest handy websites.

One of the resources they use to decide where comics and graphic novels should go is the Lambiek Comiclopedia. This fab little site has entries on over 7000 artists working in the field of comics and graphic novels. Some of the biographical info is sketchy, but there are two mitigating factors here: first, the entries include examples of the artists' work; and second, it's a Dutch site, and since I couldn't even say hello in Dutch, I'm willing to cut them some slack.

Coverage is pretty good, with articles on American (such as Alex Ross) and European artists(including Hergé). So, who's your favourite comic artist? I'm into Mike Mignola and John Romita Jr. at the moment, and I've just got hold of a great-looking book drawn by Stuart Immonen.

Signpost's link to the Comiclopedia is in the Graphic Novel reading circle section.


lonewytch said...

I love David Mack's work in the Kabuki series, for which he was both writer and artist. I'm also a big fan of Dave McKean (predictably, as i'm such a big fan of Neil Gaiman's work) i adore the artwork in Black Orchid particularly, and also love the fusion of oils and collage he uses in Mr Punch (though it's not one of Gaiman's better stories)We have both Black Orchid and Mr Punch in Bolton. With regard to Manga my favourite series is probably Yami no Matsuei (aka Descendants of Darkness) by Yoko Matsushita which runs to 11 volumes and the artwork just gets lovelier as the series goes on. Angel Sanctuary by Kaori Yuki is also well worth a look.

michael said...

That's Black Orchid and Mr Punch if you'd like to go straight to the catalogue records.

I've just reserved Black Orchid, so nobody else can have it. Mwa ha ha!

i0rigami said...

Mike Mignola is amazing! I've read most of the Hellboy series except the Island and love the spinoff BPRD. Dave McKean's work is wondrous, and compliments Neil Gaiman's storytelling technique flawlessly. As for Manga, well I guess my obsession is currently Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto, which is rather predictable, but in a good way! I love Manga a lot: another series worth looking at is Kohta Hirano's Hellsing for its stunning artwork.
Speaking of stunning artwork, you ought to check out Hayao Miyazaki's stuff. Everyone knows his films but he's done Manga as well, and it's great! I could go on, but I'll shut up now.

michael said...

I've got a couple of Miyazaki movies, but I've never seen any of his manga. I haven't read a lot of manga - Lone Wolf and Cub and Battle Angel Alita are as far as I've got.

So what Miyazaki books do you recommend? It would be cool if we could get some for the library.

i0rigami said...

Ah! Well, if you've read Lone Wolf and Cub, I strongly recommend the miniseries Lone Wolf 2100!
As for Miyazaki, his Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind series is his best, though I'm not sure if any of it's available in England yet.
Naruto is to be released here on the 21st August- write that in your calendar, it is amazing.