Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Search Signpost

I've added a fairly rudimentary search form for Signpost to the sidebar. The form will search the titles of web pages and other resources listed in Signpost, which is something that's not currently available.

Type the name of your resource (e.g. British Standards, IMDb etc.) then click on Find. It's not the best search function ever, but it will be improved.

The Signpost search function has been improved slightly, after a bit of a rethink. It will still only search items' titles, but since nothing in Signpost itself will do that, I think it's pretty valid.

I've added another search box for Signpost, so it's now possible to search for a subject. It's still a bit clunky, but it seems to work.Type in your subject (e.g. business, books, cycling) and you should find some lists of websites and other resources in Signpost that suit your needs.

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