Friday, June 16, 2006

Graphic novels this Saturday

The next Graphic Novel group is at 3.30pm tomorrow (Saturday June 17th), at Bolton Central Library.

The books I've read this month are on Signpost. We'll be talking about Sandman and Buffy/Angel spin-offs tomorrow, plus the other random stuff that inevitable comes up. We've *got* to talk about X-Men 3 : the last stand... The words "crushing" and "disappointment" come to mind.

Add a comment, say whatever you want about the books mentioned above or any others you've read. I've got plans for some more interactive elements for the blog, so keep your eye on it or subscribe to the RSS feed.

I'm told there was talk at the last meeting of each member producing a list of graphic novels they own, which they're willing to share with the rest of the group. I've created a list at LibraryThing, which lets you build a catalogue of up to 200 items for free. I think I've put all of my graphic novels on the list, but I'll have to have another look at them when I get home tonight. Any thoughts? Do you want to borrow any?


HarDee said...

Hi from a newbie! Good to find out about the meeting (if in a roundabout way - not well publicised, guys!!!) and had a good time - but then that's what life's for, isn't it?
Look forward to discussing further!

michael said...

You're right about the publicity. We should be doing more, and we will in the future.

From my perspective, it's been useful to start with a small group because we can get the group to suggest books we should buy. It's working pretty well so far, so keep the suggestions for new books coming.

You made me realise on Saturday that we could probably do with some 2000AD books - I'm pretty sure there's been an anthology published recently. I'll look into it and ask if we can get some bought.

Another good meeting, I thought. I seem to come away from them feeling like I know absolutely nothing!

Steve said...

Hi Michael.

First time blogging (if that is the correct term). As for your comment about 2000AD books, they used to be published by Titan Books. And for a few suggestions, these are pretty good reads (from the 1980s) -

The Complete Ballard of Halo Jones
DR and Quich

Both books written by Alan Moore.

Will see everyone at the next Meeting.

michael said...

Hi Steve (and everyone else).

I read a mention of Halo Jones a while ago - I think it came up at one of the meetings I didn't go to. If it's Alan Moore, we've got to have a copy!

I found some Judge Dredd anthologies on t'internet, which I'm going to ask about buying. I've never read any 2000AD, so I've got some catching up to do.

Any other recommendations? What are your must-reads? What graphic novels/trade paperbacks/comic collections do we need to get library copies of?

lonewytch said...

Hi everyone
I'm a big fan of buying in some decent manga series, the probelm is though that they often run to many volumes, and with the developing story arcs it's often pointless to buy in volumes that are mid series, i suppose this may depend on availability. there are several good ones i could name, but am sure i have yammered on and on about them before
Descendants of Darkness is my ultimate fave.There is also a fab anime available of this series.
i think that the Buddha series by Osamu Tezuka looks good too (this may be just cos i want to read it but can't afford it!). My first attempt at html tags - Michael could you correct any i've messed up?!

michael said...

Your HTML is spot-on. I keep reading about Buddha as well, so I think a quiet word with our book-purchasing colleagues might be in order!

hardee said...

Hmmmmmmm ... some interesting leads there!
Just finished the complete "Maus" - which I didn't think I'd like but was VERY impressed with, and rivetted to it towards the end (toast got burnt - eggs were very hard boiled, that sorta thing)!
Thanks to the group for steering me in its direction.
DEFINITELY AGREE on 2000AD selections - DR & Quinch are a one off!
I've got a DVD copy of the film HARDWARE from the 20000AD story SHOK if anyone's interested - cameo roles by Lemmy & Iggy Pop.

Just a final comment - don't beat yourselves up about the low profile - there's a good level to be achieved and you're on the way there!
Keep watching the skies, guys! (... and guyesses!)

michael said...

That's the thing about Maus - it's not the cheeriest read, but it's pretty powerful and compelling stuff. I didn't burn food while reading it, but I did become quite absorbed in it.

I've seen Iggy Pop guest-starring in DS9, showing some surprisingly good acting chops if memory serves. Moral of this story: DS9 was good!

I'm working on a list of 2000AD stuff, to give to someone who holds the purse strings. So far I've got:

Ballad of Halo Jones (ISBN 1904265413)
DR and Quinch (ISBN 1904265480)
Various assorted Judge Dredd case files (ISBNs 1904265790, 1904265839, 1904265871, with volumes 4, 5 and 6 coming later this year)

There are a few Strontium Dog and Rogue Trooper books as well - any recommendations?

And finally, the group has a new member - swlrir - who might be coming to the next meeting, but will definitely be a virtual member. See his post above - do you agree/disagree with his graphic novel picks? Let's have a heated debate!!

Ramsbottom Reader said...

Hi, please continue to pass on those GN suggestions for purchase, much appreciated. Quick question - would you consider Maus suitable for children? came up in discussion recently. Also,I know you will be endlessly discussing the new Super film but can I recommend Mystery Men, it's old but it's quality. Tags - it's a mystery, sorry!

michael said...

Mystery men is ace. It features a veritable galaxy of stars - William H Macy, Hank Azaria, Ben Stiller, Eddie Izzard - in a genuinely funny spoof of the superhero genre.

Sadly, there's no copy in any of Bolton's libraries, but there's a video at Leigh Library and several video copies in Trafford's libraries.