Friday, June 23, 2006

Hail to the Chiefs!

This morning, I was invited to present to the Greater Manchester Chief Librarians on Signpost, this blog, and the general e-Resources Project work I'm lucky enough to do for a living.

So, Chiefs, what do you think of the blog? Click on "Comments" at the bottom of this post, type your comment in the box, choose "Other" under "Choose an identity", put a name in the "Name" box and click "Login and publish". Use a pseudonym if you like, it doesn't have to be your full name.

I should probably outline some of the other directions I can see our e-Resources Project moving in:

  • more channels for e-access - instant messaging, chat etc.
  • other uses of PN infrastructure - online computer gaming in libraries
  • more and better reader development support online - library blogs, possibly reading group-specific blogs

Some of these are taboo, especially IM and chat, but they're fast becoming legitimate communication channels within some of the groups we have a hard time reaching. I'm sure there was a time when telephone enquiries, faxes and then emails were verboten, but we couldn't run our services without them now.

Rant over - here's my Signpost list with links to non-Talis OPACs. I've only got Bury on there so far, but I'll add some more before lunch. Thank you all for having me along this morning - I enjoyed it and I hope you all found it useful. My swollen head is returning to normal size now.

Update: I've added links to OPAC records for Bury (III), Manchester (DS), Tameside (Geac), Rochdale (Dynix) and Oldham (Bibliomondo). I've also used two ways of linking to Salford's Talis Prism to illustrate the Open URL protocol and I've linked to one of Manchester's community group records. And all in plenty of time for lunch.

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