Friday, June 09, 2006

Signpost focus group

Yesterday, we had a focus group on Signpost at the Wiend Centre in Wigan.

I thought it went quite well, and some genuinely useful and interesting ideas came up in discussion. It's not just about me though, so what did those of you who were there think?

Thanks, again, to everyone who attended and to our hosts at Wigan.

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Bibliothecary said...

I agree with Michael: it was very useful and productive. We're all well aware of Signpost's deficiencies (and thankful for the superskills of our esteemed E-resources Librarian) but the shared vision (bleeugh... sounding like Tony Blair here...) of what joint information provision can be like in the future at this early stage is most heartening. It gives me a happy feeling, like a well-constructed 9 digit Dewey number.

michael said...

It helped me to get a group of people together who all have similar aims in mind. We want to unite people with the information they're looking for - every reader his book, as Mr Ranganathan would have it - and I think it's important to offer that kind of service in a range of media as diverse as our users.

So, I enjoyed that morning. I'm going to want to do something similar, and a bit more hands-on, but with individuals and small groups. These people will be my Signpost Champions, and I'll assemble them over the next couple of months.

Finally, it's nice to see my shoes winning two out of two votes so far...