Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sad librarian, guilty as charged

Hi, everyone;

I'm back from my holiday in Ludlow, and now very ready for another one.

It's a wonderful unspoilt market town with a fine castle, magnificent church, over 500 listed buildings, and is a foodie and real ale paradise, so I had a great time.

While there I did the traditional sad librarian thing and spent some hours in the splendid new(ish) library and heritage centre.
It really is a fine resource for a small town.

(Heather : "But as to manga, they only had Vol 4 of "Gravitation!")

Photo attached to prove I was there:

(With Christine, my wife and sad library assistant).

Next: I'm going to get "Shropshire Lad" on the ass of my poetry group.

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michael said...

Hey, we all do it... We really do love libraries, don't we?