Wednesday, September 27, 2006

CD : "Where's Neil when you need him?"

I've just acquired from Amazon "Where's Neil when you need him?" : seventeen tracks inspired by the works of Neil Gaiman, written and performed by seventeen musicians and groups including Tori Amos.

The music is varied, strange and often magical : ranging from the chilling "Vandemar" in doom laden German, to the beautiful and sad "Raven Star" based on the end of "Stardust.

So far (Fifth consequtive listen to the whole album) my favourites are "Wake the White Queen" a Mirrormask song by The Cruxshadows, and Schandmaul's "Magda Treadgold's Marchen" : a German (again) Celtic folk rock take on the dark fairy tale from "The Kindly Ones".

These tracks are all interesting at least, some of them are great, and if you are a Gaiman completist this CD is essential.

Neil has provided an introduction and notes, and the CD art is original stuff from Dave McKean.

Great! (But not in stock in libraries?)


lonewytch said...

being a big Gaiman fan, that sounds wonderful. i know Tori Amos is a big fan of his too and there are nods to him and Morpheus in a couple of her songs
"If you need me me and Neil will be hanging out with the dream king" (from "tear in my hand"). Shame there's not a full track listing on Amazon, but i expect the whole album will be totally weird yets utterly wonderful!

swlrir said...

Hi, lonewytch!

I've just checked & Amazon now does have a track listing, with samples. (It wasn't there before)

Follow the link.

Let me know what you think when you've heard it.