Sunday, September 17, 2006

Film Club?

After many more months' deprivation than I'd care to remember, I've finally got hold of Season Two of the 'reimagined' (a horrible word, but in this case is shorthand for 'vast improvement on the original') Battlestar Galactica. Not wishing to wax too lyrical about this show but I think it constitutes some of the best science-fiction to grace either the big or small screen in some time. Has anybody else fallen prey to its charms? I've barely seen daylight for 2 days now, sustained as I have been by PepsiMax and Pringles...

One of my colleagues here at Bolton has floated the idea of a library film club; AV loans have been part of our library world for nearly 2 decades, it may be a logical extension of our outreach activities. Were it not for those pesky performance licensing and copyright regulations I'm sure we here at Bolton could make ample use of our fabulous vintage lecture theatre (complete with projection room and screen).

We could even ask Michael to go round with choc ices in the interval.


michael said...

Choc ices? I'm one of the finest librarians of my generation [in mock-outraged tone]!!

I'm not sure about a film club. Reading groups are easy: they draw on our USP, the free books that no-one else can offer.

Our rental DVDs, though, are not free. A library film club would ideally be based on the library's rental DVDs: maybe this movie one month, and this TV series the next.

Can, or for that matter should, we actively encourage people to part with their hard-earned in order to participate in our group? There are issues that need to be explored there, and I think this is the place to do it.

That said, screening films in Bolton Central Library's Lecture Theatre would be great. What's stopping us getting the licensing sorted, apart from the obvious?

swlrir said...

If not Choc ices, how about an Albatross?

On the unique USP thing, libraries differ from rental shops in having many classics, movies, TV, drama, and music : Everyone should be encouraged to see, and talk about, eg: Nosferatu, Casablanca, The BBC Shakespeares, the original Wicker Man, Razor Blade Smile, Ran, Battleship Potemkin, etc ad infinitum.

But I take your point about charges and perhaps fines... some kind of members discount may be appropriate, but with us at least, money's too tight to mention.

We have talked about a film fan's discussion group (without screenings) but it doesn't seem the same, somehow.

lonewytch said...

If people were part of a "film club" and regularly attending for discussion, discounted loans are a good idea- ultimately the library is cheaper than a video shop anyway. With screenings in the lecture theatre at Bolton you could potentially link it to a reading groups, showing adaptations of books that are covered in the groups. or just adaptations of any books, come to think of it. have copies of the books ready to loan out on the night, get people to join. am i getting carried away?
if only....

lonewytch said...

p.s. i want popcorn!

michael said...

That's more or less what Bibliothecary and I were talking about when our meatselves had some facetime before lunch.

The book/film crossover I mean, not the popcorn.

Bibliothecary could explain the licensing issues with far more precision than I could manage. That's where the barrier to screenings resides.

The licensing I mean, not my lack of precision.