Friday, September 08, 2006

Graphic Novels: September

Yes, once again, I've managed to mess up and organise something that clashes with the meeting tomorrow (September 9th) at Bolton Central Library. I am considering tattooing the meeting dates somewhere about my person. In my defense, tomorrow's fun activity was booked before the meeting dates were rejigged...

This month's theme is the Man of Steel. Superman is a big favourite of mine, so I'm especially cross with myself for not being able to make it. As compensation, here are my favourite Superman books:

Red son
An Elseworlds book about a Soviet Superman. Mark Millar wrote it, the Communist "look" is spot-on and it's the book that got me back into comics, after I read a review in the Observer. Politics, personalities and upscaled imagery make this one of my favourite books full stop, not just a favourite book on the Last Son of Krypton or a fave graphic novel. Brilliant.

Superman for all seasons
This one really moved me. There was something about the way it showed Clark growing up, Jonathan and Martha coming to terms with their son's awesome powers, that appealed to the big softy in me. The approach is a bit nostalgic, even corny, but it's so well-executed that it broke down my anti-schmaltz barriers. It's a Loeb and Sale book, but it's quite far removed from Batman: the long Halloween.

Secret identity
I've mentioned this one before, and it turns out that Blackburn with Darwen Libraries' GN group, How Novel, loved it as well. It's technically not an Elseworlds book, but it has that vibe: an alternate Earth, which knows Superman through comics has its very own Clark Kent. It looks wonderful and the story drew me in.

I've been watching Lois and Clark: the new adventures of Superman on ITV2 (week nights at 7, lycra fans!), which has been, erm, interesting. I watched it the first time around, and yes, it's still that patchy. The HG Wells/time travel storyline ran last week, and this week Clark has mostly been trying to tell Lois that he's actually Superman. Such hijinks!!

So: your thoughts please. What's your favourite Superman book? And what will next month's topic be?

In other news, Judge Dredd's origin storyline begins in next week's 2000AD (Prog 1505). And we've got some Dredd books to get you warmed up!

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lonewytch said...

Superman provoked some lively discussion at September's reading group - it's a shame you missed it Michael, there was plenty to get your teeth into. The discussion ranged over onto Batman and which of the two was the most "realistic" superhero. Thus it seemed a natural choice to cover Batman for the next group, and there are plenty of Batman graphic novels in Bolton to choose from, so the group will be able to read several each if they so desire and then compare.