Friday, September 01, 2006

How Novel Reading Group

Hello all,
I run the 'How Novel' group in Blackburn Central Library. We've been going a year now and are interested to find out what other reading groups think of things.

At Christmas we voted Superman: Secret Identity as the best graphic novel of the year. And Star Wars: Vaders Quest as the worst, honestly, it really is chronic.

We meet every 2 weeks and have an e-mail discussion group that you are welcome to join.


michael said...

I loved Secret identity when I read it. It's that Elseworlds vibe - it's just awesome!

I've knocked together a quick search box for your Galaxy OPAC. See this link if you're interested.

Finally, is the "ook" in angelaook an homage to Unseen University's Librarian?

angelaook said...

Thanks for the Galaxy Opac link.

Yes, the ook is indeed a homage. I like the fact that it can mean anything at all.

swlrir said...

Hi, Angelook!

I think the How Novel pages look great.

I'll have to start something graphic in Wigan to keep up!

Can you tell me a bit more : eg how many members you have, online and in person, and what you will be discussing for the next few meetings so I can join in?

Perhaps you could e-mail me ( or phone (01942) 404566.