Friday, September 15, 2006


In an effort to tie the blog in better with Signpost, I've rejigged the colour scheme. The blog now features the same purple-heavy colour combo as Signpost.

Thanks go to Jenny at Trafford for the suggestion. Since Signpost's move is imminent, I've stuck with Bolton's colour scheme in order to give myself an easier life.

So: any thoughts? What should the colours be, for the blog and for Signpost? And what colours would we want to see on a newfangled community information product, if we happened to have one?


Bibliothecary said...

Excellent work on the refurb Michael, although the purple in the scheme somewhat hides some of the hyperlinks. We could go with browns and oranges, being as we're in the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

lonewytch said... purple is my favourite colour, i think it's looking good. sort of royal. seasonal colours is a fun idea too you could change it to mirror the environment (though in the case of Bolton weather you might find it being grey grey then grey)...or what about retro stripes? anything as long as it's not too pink and glittery.
seriously though, i think it's looking pretty good as is.