Monday, September 04, 2006

swlrir's books : August

This month I've mostly been reading...

SF : Philip K. Dick : "Flow my tears, the policeman said"
H.G. Wells : "War of the Worlds"
Charles Stross : "Singlarity Sky"
Koji Suzuki : "Loop"

Fantasy: Terry Pratchett : "Colour of Magic"

Graphic Novels : Mark Waid "Superman : Birthright"
Frank Miller : "Dark Knight strikes again"
Jeph Loeb : "Superman/Batman : Public Enemies"
Dave Gibbons : "PTIC : Rann-Thanagar War"

Crime : Agatha Christie : "They do it with mirrors"

Non-Fiction : David Lloyd : "Short History of Ludlow"

And loads of SFX back issues.

...But I have been on holiday!

What are other people reading right now?

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