Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tidying up

I've made some ever-so-insignificant changes to the extra gubbins on the blog:

First, I've streamlined the library search boxes in the sidebar. You now get a drop-down menu for each library, allowing a choice between keyword, author and title. It's much neater, it takes up less space and I'm far happier with it. I've also abandoned the Talis deep linking API, as it doesn't allow keyword searching. I've reverted to pointing the search boxes directly at the relevant OPACs, which seem stable enough from where I'm sitting.

Second, I've got rid of the rather optimistic list of feeds, in favour of a single one from Add to any (idea stolen from inspired by Phil Bradley). Add to any allows our (theoretical) readers to add the feed to their aggregator of choice, without having to display a huge and unwieldy list here.

Finally, I've binned the OED search box at the bottom of the page. It worked, which was nice, but that's not really a good enough reason to keep anything. Maybe if it worked for our (theoretical) users reading the blog from home, it would have stayed; but it only worked on internal networks subscribed to the OED.

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