Friday, October 06, 2006

Batman graphic novels

This month's Graphic novel group meets tomorrow (Saturday October 7th) at Bolton Central Library. It kicks off at 3.30pm, with free tea and biccies and the usual excellent company.

October's discussion topic is Batman. There's a lot to talk about there! There are plenty of Batman books in Bolton's libraries and I'm willing to bet that most of the group will have a couple of their own Bat-books at home. I know I have...

Come to the meeting, leave your views on Bruce Wayne's alter-ego via the Comments below, or do both.


lonewytch said...

Batman was a nice change for me from last months Superman, never a fan of the superhero genre anyway, i found Batmans darker persona and humanity a much more interesting read. Though i encountered the usual problems where i sometimes literally lost the plot as i have no previous background knowledge of the character. i can especially recommend Hush though, the artwork was exceptional.
Next month we have decided to read href="" Judge Dredd
A very very nice friend of mine has also lent me the first volumes of 3 different href="" very girly manga series , so for everyone who moans when i mention the M word, beware!

lonewytch said...

apologies for the disasterous attempts at html. Michael...heeeeelp!!!

michael said...

Those links are Judge Dredd and very girly manga series.

The thing with HTML is you've got to have your tags at both ends of a link: see the awesome Phil Bradley's pages on HTML elements for all the pointers you'll ever need. Phil Bradley teaches you the stuff they should teach in Library School (or, in my case, the stuff I didn't go to because it was optional).