Monday, October 16, 2006

Reading "Matilda", Reading "Matilda", We'll go a'Reading "Matilda" to you..."

Reading "Matilda" in Leigh….

We had a grand day for it, in Leigh.

“Read a book in a day” day, Friday 8th September, found Wendy Heaton, Library Operations Manager, Swlrir, , and a slightly Ruffled dragon*, along with Sarah Corree & Anne-Marie Pugh from Leigh Staff & our bouncy volunteer reader, Carole Ogden from the Get Connected project, out in the library square and surrounding areas, reading Roald Dahl's "Matilda" aloud to bemused passers-by and pigeons.

We were joined by Andy Burnham, MP, who read with gusto, posed for several photographs, and took a tour of the Library, Gallery, & Derby Room. This was the day after the Brown/Blair showdown, so he was glad to do something positive, and fun.

The Dragon* was a great hit, and was followed about by small children, some of whose mums and grans joined in and read with us. He wasn’t allowed on the coach taking pop fans to see Robbie Williams in Leeds, though.

Among the passers-by who read for us was Philip Butler, from the History Shop, who kindly did a whole chapter.

In the afternoon, eight members of Leigh’s Bookchat group joined us and we managed to finish our allotted portion in fine style, sitting out in the afternoon sunshine.

Everyone enjoyed the experience, and even people who didn’t want to read listened with pleasure.

We gave out lots of library information and promoted the Wigan Leisure & Culture Trust's upcoming Everything Free Day to many people.

Two days later, the Sunday Telegraph gave away a large “Matilda” poster by Quentin Blake!

*Wigan Libraries' Service Development Manager, Stephen Ruffley

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lonewytch said...

i thought i recognised a familiar face on that not the Green Dragon (though i do know a few of those), but Carol Ogden, who's a friend of mine. I knew she'd got a job working for libraries recently, i'll sent her a link to the blog!