Wednesday, November 01, 2006


This Saturday (November 4th), the graphic novel group at Bolton Central Library will be considering Old Stoneyface.

There are quite a few Judge Dredd books in Bolton Libraries, most of which will have been dished out to members of the group a couple of weeks ago. I've got The complete case files v. 1 sitting in my living room, waiting to be read, plus I've been following the Origins storyline in 2000AD for the last few weeks.

You might like to know that the mighty BBC website has some 2000AD strips online, as well as quite a few other comics. This one featuring Jonathan, Buffy's would-be arch nemesis, looks like it could be fun.

I'll see you perps at 3.30-4.30 in Bolton Central Library's Adult Fiction section this Saturday. Tea and biccies will be provided, as ever.

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Bibliothecary said...

Zarjaz post, Michael! If only I weren't slaving away over a hot enquiry desk I'd join in. 2000AD was always my comic-book first love, so to speak. On a Thursday morning I'd polish off a bowl of cornflakes whilst revelling in Joe Dredd's inimitable brand of justice. Those were the days...

10 years in the isocubes, perp!