Monday, November 06, 2006

Who are they? Where did they find them?

Here is the 2006 World Fantasy Award Winners list;

The World Fantasy Awards were presented at the 2006 World Fantasy Convention, held in Austin, Tex., over the weekend.

Judges were Steve Lockley, Barbara Roden, Victoria Strauss, Jeff VanderMeer, and Andrew Wheeler.

The winners were:

Life Achievement: John Crowley and Stephen Fabian

Novel: Haruki Murakami, for Kafka on the Shore (Knopf)

Novella: Joe Hill, for Voluntary Committal (Subterranean Press)

Short Fiction: George Saunders, for "CommComm" (The New Yorker, Aug. 1, 2005)

Anthology: The Fair Folk edited by Marvin Kaye (Science Fiction Book Club)

Collection: Bruce Holland Rogers, for The Keyhole Opera (Wheatland Press)

Artist: James Jean

Special Award, Professional: Sean Wallace (for Prime Books)

Special Award, Non-Professional: David Howe and Stephen Walker (for Telos Books)

I thought I was well-ish read, but I have heard of none of the authors, and only one judge.


Bibliothecary said...

I too only recognized one name from the World Fantasy Awards results, that of Haruki Murakami (whose books tend to have very memorable titles). The sad (and very bibliothecarious) reason I know who he is is the fact that his book Norwegian Wood) was published in English in 2000 in a fabulously designed 2 volume edition with a slipcase...

I really should get out more.

angelaook said...

I've heard of Telos Publishing. they do a wonderful range of cult tv reference books. They are considered the best of the best for Dr Who. They have also started to publish fiction.