Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bromley Cross Book Group: reviews

Mel sent me this, which came from the Book Group at Bromley Cross Library:

In December Bromley Cross Book Group compared the novels:

Du Maurier, Daphne - Rebecca

And Beauman, Sally - Rebecca’s tale

Those having previously read Rebecca chose Rebecca’s tale, which tells the story Du Maurier never told and is set 20 years after Rebecca’s death.

Those reading Rebecca loved the story of her free spirit and thought it a classic love story. Although Rebecca, the main character is absent, present only in the memories of others. Her power and the undercurrent of menace can be felt. They felt her affinity with the sea. They disliked the manipulative, controlling character of Mrs. Danvers. They thought the story a compelling exploration of jealousy and obsession.

The group concluded that Rebecca’s tale could not exist without Rebecca, although it stands alone, knowledge of the original is helpful. It was a good read and evoked the atmosphere of Rebecca. Some members felt more sympathy for Mrs. Danvers as she appears in Rebecca’s journal.

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