Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Functionality tweaks

I've been tinkering with Signpost a bit. There's a problem - basically, the part of Signpost that holds all of Wigan's community groups has got too big and I can't edit it properly - so I had to come up with a way around it.

I've moved the list to a new area. I still can't edit it the way I'd like to, but it provides a temporary workaround. Unfortunately, it affected the search box on the sidebar (you know, the one for Wigan's community groups. You use it all the time!!). A few minutes of HTML kung fu sorted it out and it looks no different from the user's perspective.

But I know it's not right, and that upsets me. I like things to be right, especially things I've made. I didn't realise that adding 295 records to a Signpost list would make it so creaky. Maybe I should have asked first, but I don't like maybes. My plan was to streamline the search function and improve findability by having all of the groups in a single list. I'm going to have to chop the list up into sub-lists, using the sort of categories I wanted to avoid in Signpost.

I'm hopeful that the nice folks at Talis will be able to do some kung fu of their own on the database for me when they migrate the data to their server. Fingers crossed!

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