Saturday, January 27, 2007

Broadswords and Book Groups

I just thought I'd point out some sterling press coverage for Wigan Libraries in the latest issue of Update, the magazine of the organisation formerly known as the Library Association. There's a piece (page 7) on activities to attract young people into libraries (including DJing) and another article (page 16) with a picture of local hero Stuart Maconie reading to school children in a library-sponsored event. All round excellent publicity for reader development and outreach and a good sign of what libraries are doing locally. There's also an interesting feature (well for me anyway) on what our colleagues at Lancashire County are doing with electronic reference resources.

However supreme plaudits must go to Dunfermline Carnegie Library, whose event for St Andrew's Night involved a large sword. There are no library events that can't be improved by the presence of large swords, I think. I'm taking a Reading Group in two weeks' time and I'm going to try and work one into the evening's discussion. Wish me luck.

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