Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bromley Cross Book Group: review

Once again, the Bromley Cross Book Group has come through for us, via Mel. This is another of their December reviews:

Philippa Gregory
The other Boleyn girl

Mary Boleyn is seduced by King Henry VIII, but her family want her sister Anne to become Queen and she is forced to help her sister for the advancement of the Boleyn family. She becomes ‘the other Boleyn girl’.

The novel is a wonderful and eye-opening account of the Tudor court. The group felt that it was based on fact and a well written story. It was a strong young woman’s viewpoint with a feminist thread running through it.

The whole group enjoyed the book and would read others in a similar style and based on historical fact.

Once again, thanks BX! And once again, it'll go on Signpost as soon as it's working... Meanwhile, members of the group (and anyone else who likes the book) might want to try some of Philippa Gregory's other Boleyn books.

What do you think?

Update Feb 22 2007: The nice folks at Talis have indeed fixed Signpost. See the review here

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