Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy new year!

It's 2007 now.

Tradition has it that the new year is a time for change. Blogger has been nagging at me to change over to the new version of its own software for a couple of weeks now, so I should probably do it soon. I thought I should issue a notice here first though, and I'll email all of the contributors as well.

Basically, the only difference you'll need to worry about is the fact that you'll be using a different username to log in. The new Blogger uses Google accounts - what with Blogger being owned by Google, it makes a certain amount of sense.

You'll have a Google account if you use Gmail, Google Reader, Google Analytics, a personalised Google homepage or any of the circa six million other Google products. If you don't have one, it's pretty straightforward: you need to provide an email address and you'll use that to log in, rather than a username.

We'll also be able to tag all of our posts with keywords. While this isn't a great leap forward for blogging (most other blogging services have been doing this for yonks), it means we can do away with the clumsy del.icio.us tagging I set up ages ago and usually forget to use... It's also easier for people with admin access to fiddle with the look and feel of the blog and make other template changes and whatnot.

So watch out for the warning email if your name appears in the Contributors box on the right.


Bibliothecary said...

Excellent stuff. I love the idea that I'll be able to tag my posts without a del.icio.us account: I just adore taxonomising, me!

Happy New Year to all the posters, especially swlrir, whose stalwart efforts have keep this blog going in the depths of Winter. (My New Year's Resolution: Blog more often!)

I look forward to blogging on the new setup.

lonewytch said...

Also my New Years Resolution to blog more often, along with other exciting thigs such as work very very hard on my dissertation, discover how to make Orange Blossom jelly and fly a pterodactyl shaped kite on one of the beaches of the dinosaur coast.
meanwhile for those of us (such as me) who are a bit dim about the ins and outs of blogging,
what on earth is del.icio.us???