Friday, January 12, 2007

New graphic novels at Bolton Central Library

Those graphic novels lonewytch ordered from Forbidden Planet have arrived.

They'll go out on the shelves for the GN Group tomorrow (Saturday Jan 13th, 3.30pm, Bolton Central Library). I've snagged a couple already, having received a hot tip in the staff room:

Origin / by Bill Jemas, Joe Queseda and Paul Jenkins
Which is about the early history of everyone's favourite fast-healing, adamantium-laced mutant.

100 bullets volume 1 : first shot, last call / created by Brian Azzarello
I'm really, really, really glad we've got a few 100 bullets books in. I've wanted to read these for a long time. I'm starting with the first one because I'm a librarian and that's the sort of thing we do.

There are quite literally lots more. You'll see them at the GN Group tomorrow. There isn't an easy way for me to list them here, so you'll have to wait and see.

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