Tuesday, January 16, 2007

That was painless!

I am sucessfully a NewBlogger!

Happy New Year to everyone ; there will be a bunch of reviews and new stuff posted fairly soon.

Once again the Bolton GN group fell on a working Saturday, so I missed it again.

I'm currently up to my neck in the Holocaust, The Words Festival, and a mini February Fiction Festival at Standish and Aspull Libraries, and relaxing by playing Morrowind on my new second hand X-Box, and chewing doggedly away at my Xmas-Enlarged to read pile. How are you all doing?


Bibliothecary said...

Happy New Year too! I was also pleasantly surprised to find the transfer to Google so straightforward.

I received a fair few books for Christmas and am working my way through them at a steady pace. I got the fabulous, vicarious PostSecret: Confessions from Ordinary Lives. It's a book based on Frank Warren's website, where he publishes the postcards people have sent him anonymously as part of an art project. The project long since evolved into a full blown internet phenomenon. It's a fascinating read and can be very touching.

I was also given Season 5 of 24, which has kept me on tenterhooks since Boxing Day. I can only watch an episode at a time... the tension's too much.

Hope all is well with the various Bloggers!

michael said...

I'd like to echo the happy new year sentiments. It's looking pretty positive so far... Signpost is installed and working at Talis!

I got the US edition of the Onion annual, which is an, erm, annual present: I think it was my only book! But that's because I got an Xbox 360, which has taken over my life as well as the space next to the DVD player under the telly.

I'm currently reading Count Zero (links to Wigan's copy - no copies at Bolton! For shame!), which I've never read before. I don't need to tell you that William Gibson is great. You know that already.

swlrir said...

My Christmas books included :

The beginning of Neal Asher's Polity series: Gridlinked, The Line of Polity, and Brass Man;

George RR Martins mega collection of short fiction, Dreamsongs;

the revised edition of Neil Gaiman's wonderful American Gods;

The Charles Vess illustrated, film tie in edition of Neil's Stardust; : The film I'm most looking forward to so far this year;

Joseph McCabe's interviews with Neil's collaborators, Hanging out with the Dream King;

and 2 volumes of Mike Carey's Lucifer,; I'm only a couple short of the set now.

I was also given a copy of Elizabeth Kostova's gripping literary search for the historical Dracula, The Historian.This is great.

Some reviews, hopefully, after next week, after the Holocaust events.

Michael, your new 360 beats my old X-Box, but I still love it.