Friday, February 23, 2007

Normal service will now resume

Signpost is fixed! It was actually fixed ages ago, and I've been busily amending entries and such on a full-time basis. My Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V skills are finely honed as a result.

So, I've finally got around to adding the book reviews I've been posting here as an interim measure. Bolton's very own Bromley Cross Book Group sent me two reviews, which are here and here on the blog, and here and here in Signpost.

The Signpost reviews include links through to catalogue records for each of my three favourite public library services, which is nice. To find what will (hopefully) be a growing selection of reviews, put the word "review" in the "find subject" box under the "Search Signpost" heading on the right, and click on "find".

Hmm. Maybe I've got a little work to do on streamlining that process...

I've also got all of Wigan's community groups listed in Signpost. Search for a word from the group's name, or for a keyword description, in the appropriate boxes on the right. Again, there's streamlining to do!

My next plan is to copy the other reviews from the blog over to Signpost. Actually, it's not strictly my next plan: my next plan is to go home and enjoy the weekend. I suggest you do the same.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Where are all the women??

Having observed The Signpost blog for a while Michael has kindly sent me an invite. So hello and a belated Happy New Year to you all.

Yes, I know there are only 4 people posting but in a profession dominated by females you'd think you'd have got some more ladies. Or have they all disppeared since you moved over from the old blog?
So, does anyone know what proportion of blogs are run by men and how many by women? (and I suppose how many are run by children because they are the future after all) Answers on a postcard please.