Friday, February 02, 2007

Where are all the women??

Having observed The Signpost blog for a while Michael has kindly sent me an invite. So hello and a belated Happy New Year to you all.

Yes, I know there are only 4 people posting but in a profession dominated by females you'd think you'd have got some more ladies. Or have they all disppeared since you moved over from the old blog?
So, does anyone know what proportion of blogs are run by men and how many by women? (and I suppose how many are run by children because they are the future after all) Answers on a postcard please.


michael said...

This isn't a postcard, but I hope it'll do...

Our esteemed female bloggers haven't re-joined since the move to New Blogger. Some of Bolton's female bloggers have moved to different posts, so they won't be coming back. But I expect to see Mel and lonewytch back here at some point... I might go threaten them with something sharp.

I'll also encourage Rita to have a go next time I see her - possibly this afternoon at Wigan.

In answer to your question, the excellent Meredith Wolfwater did a survey of the biblioblogosphere in 2005. Here's her first point on demographics:

"1. What is your gender?

Female…. 96 (58.2%)
Male…. 69 (41.8%)

Considering that females greatly outnumber males in the profession, it’s no big surprise that there are more female library bloggers. However, the numbers were closer than I’d expected (considering that the 2002 U.S. Statistical Abstract found that 82% of librarians are female) leading me to assume that males in the profession are more likely to blog than females. What’s up with that?"

What *is* up with that? Are we still (unconciously?) sticking to the old "computers are for boys" paradigm?

Bibliothecary said...

Hello All,

It's a very nerdy, blogospherical thing to do, but Jen's original question "Where are all the women?" prompted both Michael and myself to go off and do some research... (perhaps the question is answered right there...)

In answer to Michael's final point, I suspect that we bloggers are conforming to a larger paradigm.

Those wonderful people at PEW did some research on 'The State of Blogging' in 2005 and their results present a recognisable picture. The summary of the data suggests that:
Blog creators are more likely to be:
• Men: 57% are male
• Young: 48% are under age 30
• Broadband users: 70% have broadband at home
• Internet veterans: 82% have been online for six years or more
• Relatively well off financially: 42% live in households earning over $50,000
• Well educated: 39% have college or graduate degrees

So it seems that despite the gender bias of the profession, we in our small way at Signpost Libraries are conforming to the bigger picture.

Conformity is the new rebellion, comrades.

Lonewytch said...

Hello all,
Okay, okay, i am still here lurking in the shadows....i've always been a bit of a lurker on message boards and blogs...however the prospect of Michael threatening me with something sharp and pointy has compelled me to at last sign up with a google account and actually post a reply.
I don't know why men blog more...perhaps it's true - we are subconsciously sticking to the "computers are for boys" paradigm, or perhaps it's not to do with conformity or stereotypes and is more about fundamnental differences between men and women and their preferences. is that controvesial? and me with feminist tendencies....tsk tsk....however, Michael, you have my permission that should i return to the realm of lukerdom again, you can come and track me down with a sharp and pointy stick.

michael said...

I might get one of these for that express purpose. Although you could argue that there are more useful ways for me to spend my money.

lonewytch said...

that's so cool
i want one