Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Where's everyone gone?

I know I've been pretty slack at keeping in touch with everyone lately. Sorry. I've been absorbed by my day job, which I can't write about for fear of breaching my Non-Disclosure Agreement and being sued.

So, what's everybody up to? I'm this close [shows tiny gap betwixt thumb and forefinger to impassive computer monitor] to having a replacement for Signpost ready to use. Seriously, I'm very excited about this. It's going to be able to do all of the stuff Signpost does (which is, erm, not much really), plus a lot of the reader dev-type stuff we've touched on in this blog.

Add a comment to this post and let me know what's happening round your way!


Bibliothecary said...

Long time no blog...

Well, I've been heavily involved in the launching of Bolton Libraries' In-Depth Information Service, which combines the functions of reference library, business information service and high level enquiry unit in one handy package.

It's also the time of year when I'm usually forced to take annual leave, so I've had 2 weeks off (incorporating 3 visits to Haworth, in fact).

Alas I cannot boast a glamorous day-job like Michael; in calmer moments here at Bolton I've been embroiled in the development library's Journals Collection.

michael said...

Well, obviously, I knew where you were...

Jen Foster said...

I should really pay more attention considering my first post moaned about the lack of women posting on the blog.

I have been down to sunny Dorest, land of skittle alleys in pubs and very strong cider. It was lovely although I did get a bit fed up of everyone pointing out libraries to me. Don't get me wrong, I like libraries but I would much rather visit examples of my boyfriends place of work while on holiday. (He's a pub and restaurant manager)

Since returning it has been rather depressing to sit at my desk and watch the School Library Service slowly get dismantled. It seems a terrible loss although I believe Bolton will continue to offer a service to some schools in Trafford. Yeah for Bolton

michael said...

I didn't mention where I'd been, which is probably a bit rude of me.

I've been here mostly, at my desk, doing what Bibliothecary considers glamorous but is actually kind of repetitive.

I did get to go to Leigh a few weeks ago (but couldn't stop to talk to swlrir because I had to shift my car, which is a bummer), and I went to Chester to learn about being a Future Leader.

swlrir said...

Hi, I've been here all the time, just had a fortnight off, in which I got (gasp!) as far as Wigan, but did a lot of sleeping and reading...

I've missed blogging, but a sequence of problems (with our Wigan server, not Blogger), had me believing it had gone down. Glad it hasn't.

On a personal note : My youngest daughter has triumphant GCSE results today (6 A*s, 6As, 1B) so I'm fairly happy!

I love the idea of cinema outings, but having just found out about the total abortion they (Walden Media, who did the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) have made of my third all-time favurite children's fantasy novel, "The Dark is Rising"

details here:

and even more details here (but you can't read it at work as it's an LJ posting):


I'm a bit off Hollywood.

I hope all concerned library staff will push the book and damn the movie : I certainly am!

Enough of a rant : more positive stuff next time, I hope.

Book revierws and other stuff coming soon

michael said...

6 A*s, 6 As and a B: I bet you're daughter's more than fairly happy!