Thursday, August 23, 2007

Arbitrary reboot

I've just finished writing something for the Talis Library Platform Newsletter about... oh, you'll have to wait and see. Anyhoo, I wrote about this here blog and I thought I should attempt to restart it again. I like it when we were using it to discuss things.

I've given it *another* coat of paint (i.e. a new template), so we're good to go. Who, if anybody, is still reading this feed?


Bibliothecary said...

I agree: I'm all for vaguely dynamic information sharing across the tubes of the internet.

I'm reading this feed because a) it's on my RSS aggregator, and b) Michael sits not 10 feet from me in the office and it would be rude not to, really...

michael said...

Too darn right! Let's blog, yo.