Saturday, August 25, 2007

Graphic Novel Reading Group - 25/08/07

'Sup G's, (as Michael would say)

Today's GN reading group subjects are the Marvel superhero teams and the every-so-slightly off-topic (but incredibly cool) Heroes tv show.

I must confess to being more than a little jaded by Marvel and the like of late, since I think that the almost constant character re-imagining that goes on these days (especially in the Marvel Multiverse) is pretty tiresome. I can sympathise with the need to update a character's backstory, especially where a superhero is a teenager in the 60s (like Spidey, for instance) and you want to maintain the teen storyline in the 21st century. I can almost accept the way that a lot of these narrative re-engineerings are done in order to correct perceived flaws in the original storylines; but a lot of the storylines merely utilise the iconography of a particular set of superheroes and mangle the characters beyong all recognition. Vast tracts of the GN universe have become little more glorified fanfiction and it's about time authors and artists came up with something different and fanboys and girls were less conservative in their tastes and accepted innovation a little more.

Rant over (although a blog's not a blog without a little rant now and again)!

Heroes on the other hand, is pure fried gold. I know it's a little Unbreakable meets The X-Men but it's upped the ante in terms of tv sci-fi and is almost (almost, mind) as good as the magisterial Battlestar Galactica. Michael's a Hiro fan: I quite like the idea of indestructible cheerleaders and she-Hulk internet artistes... but in a completely non-sleazy way, I hasten to add.

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